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Dollbum Pt 1 Unleashed by Pretti Pretti

Pretti Pretti unveils her debut EP, ‘Dollbum Part 1,’ a fusion of hardcore dancehall vibes. Teaming up with graphic maestro Antoine Chung from Cover Art Express and photographer Bradley Banner, she embodies Rastafarian colors, leather boots, and foxlocs. The EP features global sensation Shattawale on ‘Bend Ova,’ alongside tracks ‘Caribbean Girls,’ ‘Vibes,’ and ‘Feelings.’ Elevate your brand with Cover Art Express – where visual excellence meets your aspirations.

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Respect Tina’s Sneaker Style

Tina, formerly known as Hoodcelebritty, has recently dropped her chart-topping single, ‘Pon Mi Sneakers.’ This track emphasizes the significance of stepping out in style with a fresh pair of clean sneakers. It’s crucial to be mindful not to accidentally step on someone else’s shoes, as it can lead to an unpleasant situation. Remarkably, within just a week, the music video garnered over a million views on VEVO, with fans showcasing their own dance routines and sharing them on their social media platforms.

Antoine Chung, the talent behind Cover Art Express, was entrusted with the responsibility of crafting the cover artwork and lyric video for this project. The next time you cross paths with Tina, be sure to admire her impeccable choice of sneakers.

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Pablo YG Loyalty to His Inner Circle make him a Menace to Society?

In a world where most of his closest companions are on the wanted list, Pablo YG stands unwavering, unafraid. He sings passionately about his unbreakable bond with them, ready to lay down his life without hesitation. The ever-watchful eye of law enforcement remains fixated on him, solely due to his steadfast loyalty to his friends. Yet, he remains resolute, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of his brother and sister.

Pablo YG, known as “the bad juvenile,” collaborated with Tru Production to craft his latest hit single, “Menace to Society.” Antoine Chung, the creative mind behind Cover Art Express, was entrusted with the task of designing the cover artwork for this musical masterpiece. Antoine’s choice to illustrate the piece stems from his desire to seamlessly align his vision with the raw essence of the song.

For your upcoming projects, reach out to Cover Art Express to infuse them with the quality and professionalism they need to enhance your brand.