About Us

The Company and Management

Cover art express is a graphic designing enterprise, which was the brainchild of Antione Chung in early 2018. He is a student of the University of Technology, Jamaica, who saw his talent and has the passion and the drive to make more of himself. He ventured into the world of creatives and later established Cover Art Express in September of 2019. He made a name for himself with many of the top artists and producers on the island and the diaspora. 

Cover Art Express currently is a pool of creatives hence we put forward a Laissez-faire  management style which allows its founder and creative director to guide the passionate artist to create the highest standard of cover art and graphic designs for our clients.

Our Services

We offer graphic designing services ranging from cover arts and lyric videos to promotional items, photoshoots and websites. We offer clients branding agents in the form of logos or icons that can become homogeneously used to represent them. We offer all our clients a unique depiction of their style, their music and what they stand for so as to boost their career in the direction they want it to go.

Our Competitive Advantages

There are many graphic designing companies, but none that offers the opportunities and quality that is guaranteed at Cover Art Express. We are creative and eager to please, we don’t thrive on approval but on our ever excelling quality. We are young and innovative, willing to learn and embrace challenges that come our way.  Our work ethic is like no other, as we guarantee the best turnaround time. We are known for our quality among our clients, we brand ourselves as a luxury that anyone can afford. In comparison to our competition we are very reasonable for the quality that we output.


To provide a resourceful, innovative and dynamic way for Creatives to market themselves through graphic design and art.


To provide Artistes, Producers and Media Personalities with an innovative solution to marketing themselves. We provide cover arts, lyric videos, music videos and photography services to all. To innovate the way that entertainers are seen, giving them the opportunity to create this picture for themselves. To enhance the resourcefulness and creativity of Jamaican Music and to shape the dynamic impact that it has on the world.